Our Brand

Have you ever thought about that special town, tucked away in the hills, hidden from the day to day chaos of life? Here the days are filled with delight, the smell of barns, and the sounds of children playing.

The story of Hidden Hills General Store is a tale of two sisters who left their city roots, deciding to move to the rural equestrian community as we craved a more laid back lifestyle filled with horse trails, open space and a short drive to the beaches, where our boys could ride bikes, enjoy nature and walk to friends homes.

Jenny worked in fashion for many years. She was a fashion editor for Seventeen Magazine in NYC, Editorial Fashion Director for Teen Magazine, and a freelance stylist and creative director for over twenty five years. Some of her long time clients consisted of Vogue Bambini, Conde Nast and E! Television.

Melissa is currently a world renowned interior designer. Formally she owned an antique store in West Hollywood which was considered the “ go to“ for those in the know. Her current projects span the globe. Melissa lives in a mid century modern house which still retains its original barn that houses her ten hens, two mini horses, a goat, two pig and three dogs.

This was the inspiration for our modern lifestyle brand, which encompassses effortless style and a chic bohemian way of life. We dreamt of developing a brand where we could share a curated collection of a variety of beautiful objects. When we started our General Store we wanted to offer that feeling we were seeking , a bit of nostalgia, memories and goods that are reminiscent of life in a small neighboring village that captures the essence of a community in an era of past times.

We found ourselves as neighbors which allowed us the time to nurture our ideas and develop a communal experience. Hidden Hills General Store grew organically from our passion for art, wellness, design, fashion, travel, organic living and finding unique pieces wherever we go. We search for best in class products and offer a luxury experience and highly curated goods. Our brand is a chic version of a “general store” with carefully selected finds for the way you live. Stop by the barn and enjoy a visit with our style ambassadors, Smokey, Dolly, Priscilla, Pablo Pigcasso, Sir Isacc Newton the flock of chicks and the dogs Gordon, Stitch, Lola and George !


Jenny & Melissa