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A State Of Energy's products consist of a proprietary blend of ingredients made up of crystals, stones and botanicals.

red jasper : “ I am available for love to come into my life “. “ I have faith and believe unconditionally that love will find me”
strawberry quartz : has a calming and confidence building effect where love is concerned. it is believed that this gemstone directly channels love from the other side. it also represents the energy of the heart.
clear quartz : clarity of purpose. connects to a clear connection to higher guidance to find and keep love.
rose quartz : associated with venus the goddess of love. summon the love of your life.

botanicals and herbs:
organic rose petals: expresses promise, hope and new beginnings. also refreshes commitment energies.
hydrangea root : keeping the love that you find nourished as it represents the element of water. draws love to those searching, will also bring back lost love.
allspice: determination, fertility, aphrodisiac, fire element (will add fire to an existing love life).
violet leaf : often used in “love spells”, very well known to increase one’s luck in the love area. we also add lavender because when violet leaf and lavender are mixed - it increases their powers a hundred fold. very powerful combination.
lavender: a pure and powerful source of attraction. longevity.